As Republican members of the Wyoming House of Representatives and Senate, and as citizens seeking to join those bodies, we commit to restoring the bonds of trust between the Wyoming people and their elected officials by using the Wyoming Republican Party Platform as the foundation when introducing bills and voting.


To achieve this goal, we pledge to focus on ten areas that protect personal freedoms, the economy, and government accountability.

   First, commit to voting for no new taxes.

   Second, develop a budget that balances without using Wyoming’s rainy-day funds.

   Third, provide voters transparency in state spending.

   Fourth, advance a Baby Born Alive bill.

   Fifth, advance a bill to establish Wyoming as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State.

   Sixth, advance a bill to increase criminal penalties for sexual crimes against a minor and

              human trafficking convictions.

   Seventh, advance a bill restricting the government from quarantining the healthy and forcing individuals to be                                vaccinated.

   Eighth, advance a bill to allow for the recall of all elected officials in the state.

   Ninth, advance a bill to allow family members to visit their loved ones in nursing homes.

   Tenth, advance a voter ID bill.

We hereby pledge our names to this 2020 Republican Contract with Campbell County.

 John Bear HD 31,        Roy Edwards HD 53,

 Bill Fortner HD 52,      Troy McKeown SD 24