Bale of Hay

W​HAT​ ​CAN​ ​YOU​ ​DO​ 

​TO​ ​HELP​?

  1. Talk to others.

  2. Inform them of the facts and intentions of this document.

  3. If your representative did not sign this document, find out why.

  4. Let your voice be heard. We cannot represent a silent constituency. We need to know this is what you want.

  5. Remember to provide your email address on ​​ so we can give you updates.

  6. Contribute financially to one of the ROCC Contract signer’s campaign in support of spreading the word and hosting town hall meetings.


  1. Talk to 3 individuals about the ROCC Contract.

  2. Find the ROCC Contract Facebook page and repost what you believe in.

  3. Check the ROCC Contract Facebook page and website often for updates.

  4. Hold us, your elected officials, accountable.

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